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Scoop Up This Dreamy Ice Cream Sundae Bar Idea

Here's a sweet idea: Round up your favorite candy, call up your friends, and create a make-it-yourself ice cream sundae party!

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With hot summer temperatures, your next party calls for the coolest treats. (And besides, don't we all deserve it?) Surprise your guests with make-it-yourself ice cream sundae party, including an adorable DIY display. My tablescape was retro-themed with mason jars for toppings and pretty pink sundae bowls for guests to serve themselves.


Here's what you'll need

  • Cake stand
  • Retro bowls and spoons (one per guest)
  • Mason jars (one per topping) 
  • Small serving spoons for toppings (one per jar)
  • Sugar cones
  • Ice cream
  • Ice cream scoop
  • An array of chocolate, chewy, and candied toppings


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ice cream sundae bar cones
Photography by: Yesi of

Choose a long buffet table to set up your ice cream bar. Starting on one end, display bowls for guests to make their individual creations. (Cone or no cone, I recommend offering them to guests as the hot temperatures will lead to endless drips!)


Present your ice cream pre-scooped into a large bowl and keep scoopers handy. Beside it, stack your cones atop a cake stand.

ice cream sundae bar toppings
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Lastly, comes the fun part — your toppings! I usually choose a color theme like all-white candy (like snow caps, white chocolate chips, and white sprinkles), but other times I do a mix of textures and flavors (like chocolate and chewy). It really depends on the crowd! Fill each mason jar with a single treat and place a spoon in each for serving.

ice cream sundae bar scooping
Photography by: Yesi of

Don't forget leaving a stack of spoons and napkins for people to dig in!