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17 Small Ways to Make Your Kid's First Day of School Extra Special

Wait until you see our "first day" photo idea that involves exploding confetti balloons.

1. Rise and shine! A hearty breakfast with an implied "I love you" gives your little one an added boost of confidence to conquer their first day.

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2.  Make a pair of fluffy tissue paper pom-poms that they can wave and shake to show their school spirit. These also make a great addition to a pin board in their room.

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Photography by: Aaron Dyer

3. Say cheese! Snap that first day photo and capture the moment of surprise when they pop these confetti balloons — they burst like fireworks!

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4. Worried about confetti in his/her hair? Try this DIY photo idea. We know your kid is bound for a bright future, but even star students like to hear those four little words of encouragement, "Most likely to succeed."

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Photography by: Aaron Dyer

5. Give their textbooks some love too. These cool graphic designs are easy downloadable clip-art, no brown paper needed.

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Photography by: Aaron Dyer

6. And marbleized pencils will be anything but dull during morning writing exercises. (Wrap a small post-it note of encouragement around one pencil for them to find later!)

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7. Help them make a fashionable first impression. Whether your kid loves dinosaurs, skateboards, or camping in the backyard, odds are, there's an iron-on patch for it.

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Photography by: Mike Krautter

8. Kids can strut confidently down the halls to catch their next class thanks to a pair of one-of-a-kind painted sneakers, courtesy of the coolest parent ever. (That's you!)

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Photography by: linda xiao

9. Of course, packing it all up is a lot smoother with an easy-to-spot personalized backpack.

personalized backpacks

10. At lunch, playing with food (from the cool bento box you packed for them) is totally acceptable when stormtroopers and lightsaber pickles are involved.

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Photography by: Wendy Copley

11. This makes for a sweet snacktime surprise: Pair a funny face apple with a short punny note.

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12. There are two words any kid loves to hear, "Welcome home!" And, by adding a simple chalkboard garland draped over the front door will make them feel even more special.

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Photography by: Aaron Dyer

13. Whip up a special after-school snack, like these, berry-granola parfait pops — they're great to eat while tackling first day homework assignments.

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Photography by: Aaron Dyer

14. Speaking of homework, it's no problem when they have a colorful study corner complete with a chalkboard-painted work table. This makes for saving paper while working out math problems a no-brainer.

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15. Do they have any new artwork to flaunt? Perfect! Display them proudly. (Your walls were looking a bit sparse, anyway.)

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Photography by: Aaron Dyer

16. At the start of each school year,  check in with a yearly growth chart. That way, they can compare to last year and be proud of their growth. (No tippy toes, please.)

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17. Give their first day a sweet ending by baking a batch of apple cupcakes. After all, they're the apple of your eye!

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