Christmas Tree Ideas

You have your Christmas tree, now for the fun part: decorating it from top to bottom! Spruce up the boughs with twinkly lights, silvery tinsel, hanging ornaments, and more. We have everything you need to turn your tree into a holiday masterpiece that the family will remember for Christmases to come.

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Your Complete Guide to Trimming and Decorating a Christmas Tree, According to Our Editors
Most people trim just one tree a year. Not so for our editors—they have experimen­ted with multiple evergreens, palettes, and themes. Of course, we're not suggesting you go to those extremes. But you may want to incorporate some of their savvy strategies into your tree-trimming traditions.  And then, of course, there's decorating: Our editors first lay out their ornaments, and strategize about color and theme. What next? There are lights, garlands, and ribbons to consider. From the topper to the stand, there's a handful of ways to make your evergreen (and all its manicured branches) look top-tier.
22 of Our Most Creative Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
From glittery gems and faux snowflakes to woodland birds and vintage figurines, there are plenty of different ways to give your tree a stately fairy-tale wonder. 
Our Best Handmade Toppers for Every Kind of Christmas Tree
The final touch to any Christmas tree is, of course, the topper. And while you might associate this decoration with store-bought or vintage wares, you absolutely can make your own. So, what goes into creating the right topper for your Christmas tree? First, you want to consider the look you're hoping to achieve overall. Second, think about the color scheme you plan to work within. The topper should complement the tree both in terms of theme and color palette. Once you know how you plan to decorate your tannenbaum, you can use elements from the rest of your trimming to inspire your final piece.  Turn your evergreen into a true Christmas centerpiece with one of these homemade tree topper ideas. There's something for every style: from stars, angels, and seashells to candy canes. 
Is It Too Early to Put Up Your Christmas Tree?
Everyone has an opinion about when you should put up your fresh evergreen, but there is a right (and wrong!) answer, say experts.
Martha Prefers Artificial Christmas Trees—and the Reason Why Just Might Convince You to Make the Switch
During an interview with Today, our founder definitively shared her choice regarding the fresh or faux Christmas tree debate.
How to Create the Ultimate Christmas Tree Vignette in Your Home
Whether you're drawn to animatronic Santas or opulent crystals, accent your tree in three easy steps.

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