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3-D Butterfly Wall Art

And you'll be delighted by how easy it is to make!

wall art

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


To give your wall art a subtle ombre effect, punch butterfly shapes from a mix of vellum and cardstock papers in a similar color, and arrange them in a gradient.



  1. Using a craft knife for precision, cut out a monogram letter from cardstock on a cutting mat.
    wall art
  2. Punch out several butterflies, both solid and die-cut, out of cardstock and vellum. (Tip: Lightly score two parallel lines (measuring 1/8" wide) down the center on each butterfly so that the wings can be raised.)
    wall art
  3. Using the glue pen, affix butterflies to your monogram letter in a gradient from translucent to opaque. Feel free to layer the vellum and cardstock onto each other, especially utilizing the die-cut butterflies as top layers to create more depth.
    wall art
  4. Cut out the cardstock background in a contrasting color to your decorated letter, measured to fit your frame.
  5. Glue your decorated letter to the cardstock background; when dry, frame and display.

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