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Geometric Lampshade

Flick the switch and see the results! An inexpensive lampshade can get a 10-minute makeover with a screw punch. Here, we used a geometric modern design, but you're free to use any pattern that fits your home style.


Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart



  1. On the inside of the lamp shade, tape a set of diagonal datum lines measuring 5 inches apart, running from the top to the bottom rims; keep them as parallel and evenly-spaced as possible.
  2. Using a small triangle template (prepared from a sheet of paper), trace triangles along the tape lines, using them to keep the triangles centered; remove tape.
  3. Using the screw punch, punch out holes at the 3 corners of the traced triangle and continue punching evenly-spaced holes around the perimeter; repeat on the remaining triangles. (Tip: depending on the lamp shade material, you may need to punch a single hole a few times to ensure that it goes through the material.)

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