Pork Recipes

Whether slow-cooked for melt-in-the-mouth tenderness or quick and lean for midweek meals, we've got the pork recipes you need. Our pork recipes include, ideas for pork tenderloin, pork roast, chorizo, proscuitto, and other cured pork products, plus how to cook tender and juicy pork chops.

Staff Picks

Bacon Potato-Chip Chocolate Cookie

In the venerable tradition of kitchen sink and compost cookies aka cookies with lots of (unexpected) add-ins, comes these salty-sweet treats. We use dark chocolate to balance the saltiness of the bacon pieces and potato chips.

Classic Meatloaf

Rating: 3.29 stars
Good meatloaf is about as comforting as comfort food gets. Thankfully, meatloaf doesn't have to be complex to be good. It just needs to be tender (from breadcrumbs soaked in milk and gentle handling) and flavorful (from onion, garlic, and ketchup).

Grandma's Bolognese

Rating: 3 stars
Two types of ground meat (beef and pork) are enriched with pancetta and cream in this old-school Italian sauce, while porcini mushrooms and Marsala add wonderful depth of flavor. Make pasta night extra special by serving atop fresh pappardelle.

Vinegared Pork Chop Milanese with Radish Salad

Reminiscent of the kind of flavors you'd find in a salt-and-vinegar potato chip, this quick and easy weeknight dish starts with zizzling a pounded, breaded pork chop in a thin layer of olive oil, and ends with a splash of white vinegar to infuse its crust with a pop of acidity. A salad of radishes, dill, parsley, and shallot introduces a different kind of crunch, one that’s bright and fresh.

Spaghetti Carbonara

Rating: 3.23 stars
A spaghetti carbonara sauce is typically made with bacon, eggs, and cheese. We've added a little half-and-half for a silky texture to this delicious pasta dish.

Classic Meatloaf

Rating: 3.44 stars
Not your average blue-plate special, this meatloaf recipe brings three ground meats together with a sweet-and-sour glaze to form a tender and moist mealtime favorite.

Broccoli-Cheddar Hash-Brown Casserole

This casserole is a riff on a Swiss rosti. It tastes like a loaded baked potato and has the crispness of hash browns.

Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups

Rating: 3.58 stars
Upgrade the classic American breakfast from basic to impressive in a few simple steps.

Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

Rating: 3.5 stars
Sauteed apples and onion combine with pork chops for a tastiness that never disappoints.

Simple Homemade Sausage Patties

Rating: 3.17 stars
Assembling pork sausages is a snap and, as always, if you use best-quality ingredients, it's hard to beat homemade.From the book "Mad Hungry," by Lucinda Scala Quinn (Artisan Books).

Bacon-Cheese Quiche

Rating: 3.1 stars
This versatile dish goes from brunch buffet to dinner table in a snap and is great with a leafy green salad. The flaky crust and custard filling make it a perfect vehicle for a variety of mix-ins. Baking the crust before adding the filling, known as blind baking, ensures it won't get soggy. Our favorite pie dough recipe is Basic Pie Crust.

Baked Beans with Bacon

A couple slices of bacon add just the right amount of richness to this sweet-and-savory side dish.

Inspiration and Ideas

The 10 Best Pork Marinade Recipes

Spice up your pork dinner by putting an easy marinade to work. Sweet or spicy, tangy or garlicky, a flavorful fix for this favorite awaits.

How to Cook Bone-In Pork Loin

Bound to become an instant classic at your dinner table, here's how to make a perfect bone-in pork loin, step-by-step.

One-Pan Cuban Chicken with Rice and Beans

Juicy roast chicken thighs are paired with our take on moros y cristianos, the Cuban version of rice and beans, in this easy dinner recipe.