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Container Garden Ideas

Container gardens aren't just for those lacking sizeable outdoor space. Containers are great because you can control the environment around your plants, easily move the pots for appropriate sun saturation, coordinate with your outdoor decor, and a myriad of other reasons.

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  • winter bird basket
    Hanging Basket with Winter Birds

    Creating this charming perch is as elementary as gathering branches in your own backyard.

  • blood drip pots
    Blood-Drip Planters

    Just a few drops of paint can transform your terra-cottas into "terror-cottas" — an easy way to add spooky style to your home for Halloween. 

  • chest-of-drawers-planter-final
    Chest of Drawers Planter

    What if you could use your desktop space as a container garden? After all, the presence of plants in the home is known to offer good health benefits. Here's how to upcycle a reclaimed drawer unit into a DIY planter.

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