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Glass Etching

New to glass etching? It's an easy technique that leaves a glass item with a frosted one-of-a-kind design. Follow our step-by-step instructions from choosing a design to gathering supplies to cleaning your etched glass. To get inspired, browse our projects for etched wine glasses, storage containers, drinking carafes, monogrammed mirrors, and more.

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  • etched-glass-carafes-106-d111316.jpg
    Apple Glass-Etched Carafe

    Adorn a glass carafe with a fall-friendly motif — we chose an apple — then use it to serve cider all autumn long. The etched vessel also makes a pretty hostess gift for fall get-togethers.

  • etchedglasses_160525_0015-2.jpg
    Etched Wine Glasses

    Your own personalized set of wine glasses? We'll drink to that.

  • etched-glass-carafe-039-d112760_l.jpg
    Etched Glass Tumblers

    Personalize your tumblers with etching cream. We fashioned semicircles on each of these to give a cheeky glass-half-full impression. Rinse them after crafting and they're ready to be filled up with a cold drink.

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