Cocktail Party Ideas

Pop the cork off of that champagne bottle and raise a glass to the happiest of happy hours! Impress your guests with our party-planning tips, bartending tricks from the pros, everything needed to stock a home bar, and signature mixed drinks.

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Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party
A satisfying spread of hors d'oeuvres is essential to any cocktail party, family get-together, or holiday open house. This collection of hot appetizer recipes has something for everyone, from the traditional to the adventurous. We're talking dips, toasts, fried foods, and so much more.
Plan an Adults-Only Halloween Party Complete with These Sinister Snacks and Boozy Punch
We're spiking the punch bowl and whipping up all kinds of infernal delights perfect for the night of October 31.
How to Host a Casino Night at Home
Invite over some friends, put out a few snacks, pour drinks, and play games a la Las Vegas.
Fabulous French Appetizer Recipes That Bring the Bistro Home
Each of these hors d'ouevres will add a touch of sophisticated simplicity to your next dinner party. Pour a round of aperitifs such as Champagne or dry vermouth to complete the picture of elegance.
How to Assemble the Cheese Board of Your Dreams
It's the easiest and most impressive party appetizer ever! Here, our tips and tricks for putting it all together.

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