Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween is that supernatural time of year when you can transform into something entirely different. For ideas, browse our handmade costume tutorials to become an evil queen, a magnificent Madame Butterfly, a powerful vampire, or a ghostly figure wrapped in a shawl of spiders.

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Martha's Best Halloween Costumes Through the Years
Halloween is Martha's favorite holiday, so it's no surprise that she' s the makeover master when it comes to dressing up. Which one do you find most appealing—or appalling?
15 No-Sew Halloween Costumes That Anyone Can Make
These delightful Halloween disguises—which take their cues from the furry, finned, and adorably ferocious—are simple to assemble with your trusty glue gun and a few craft-store staples. Best of all, they whisper the three little words every busy parent longs to hear: No sewing required.
Halloween Masks and Headpieces for a Perfect Disguise
Masks and headpieces are simple alternatives to full Halloween costumes, but they are no less charming. Try one of our unique ideas for a disguise that's truly bewitching.
Paper Wigs
Make these paper wigs for a fun and easy way to add to your Halloween costume!
Detective and Hound Costume
The detective and his trusty hound follow the scent to the next crime scene. Their matching plaid capes (modeled after the attire of Sherlock Holmes) are sewn from inexpensive suiting fabric with a simple pattern. Earflaps made from cloth and bias tape transform a pair of black baseball caps into a deerstalker hat.

More Adult Halloween Costumes

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