Halloween Costumes for Kids

Trick or treat! Halloween is the time to transform into something different. Get started with our handmade costume tutorials to become a cackling witch, space invader, beautiful butterfly, or flying caped superhero.

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Dandelion Costume
Dozens of frayed plant-based drinking straws give this kids' costume a touch of realism.
Baby Rabbit-in-a-Hat Costume
Say abracadabra, and a white hoodie, felt, bow tie, and bowl become baby's first Halloween ensemble.
Praying-Mantis Costume
Broken down cardboard boxes and felt are the key components of this critter costume.
White-Swan Costume
Some felt, a cape, and a leotard are all you need to bring your little one's avian getup to life.
Zombie Costume
This stone cold, slow-paced monster from the grave is transformed from tattered clothing, frizzy hair, and a "Z" monogram emblazoned on their shirtfront.
Black-Cat Halloween Treat Carrier
A little craft magic turns a hatbox into a kitty sidekick with paper-plate ears, a paper-bowl snout, and wire whiskers. Dress your sorceress in black, including hat and broom, and she's ready to fly.

More Halloween Costumes for Kids

Skeleton Costume
Iridescent iron-on vinyl makes this easy costume shine in the best possible way. By pairing the skeleton bones with a skirt, the bones look to be dancing with each step.
Mummy Costume
Chiffon fabrics in a pink, feminine hue brings a modern twist to an otherwise ghoulish costume.