Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

This Halloween, turn a plain pumpkin into a spellbinding witch, glow-in-the-dark cat, googly-eyed zombie, hooting owl, or a traditional toothy-grinned jack-o-lantern. Learn techniques like etching, painting, decoupaging, or our own easy-to-follow carve-by-the-number approach.

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Fabric Pumpkins
A novice sewer can easily stitch up this pumpkin patch, rendered in matte and lustrous linen, silk, and velvet. Set the sewn pumpkins among real ones (some natural-hued, others spray-painted) in a cool autumnal scene of spare branches and scattered leaves spray-painted silver.
Vile-Varmint Pumpkins
Assemble a tableau straight out of a spooky movie. The witch's latest shipment of animals seems to have escaped their crates, and now they're inhabiting these ghostly green pumpkins. Slashing -- oops, carving -- the huge squashes is a cinch, thanks to serpent and toad templates (scrape out the flesh around the patterns). Set the pumpkins on the crates, and then keep your distance.
These Heirloom Pumpkin Arrangements Show the Wild Side of Autumn
Channel your inner artist by harvesting gourds, flora and fauna, and a few scary surprises.
Floral Monogram Pumpkin
Trade "creepy" for "cute" with this pretty personalized pumpkin.
Pineapple Jack-o'-Lantern
Happy Hula-ween! Here, we put a tropical twist on a Halloween tradition by carving a toothy grin into a pineapple instead of a pumpkin.
Dog-o'-Lantern Pumpkin
For Halloween (or Howl-oween), what could be cuter decorating inspiration than Martha's puppies: Creme Brûlée and Bete Noire?

More Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Embroidered-Floral Applique Pumpkin
You don't need magic beans to cultivate this ethereal pumpkin. The delicate tendrils encircling it are actually fabric appliqués from a crafts store.
Color-Changing Thermochromic Pumpkin
It works like magic: touch the pumpkin and the handprint left behind changes from one color to another before your eyes. Our secret? An ingredient called "thermochromic pigment."
How Long Do Carved Pumpkins Last? Plus, How to Make Them Last Longer

You don't want a moldy, bug-infested Jack-o'-Lantern to be your scariest Halloween decoration.