Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

This Halloween, turn a plain pumpkin into a spellbinding witch, glow-in-the-dark cat, googly-eyed zombie, hooting owl, or a traditional toothy-grinned jack-o-lantern. Learn techniques like etching, painting, decoupaging, or our own easy-to-follow carve-by-the-number approach.

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Fabric Pumpkins
A novice sewer can easily stitch up this pumpkin patch, rendered in matte and lustrous linen, silk, and velvet. Set the sewn pumpkins among real ones (some natural-hued, others spray-painted) in a cool autumnal scene of spare branches and scattered leaves spray-painted silver.
Picks of the Patch: Check Out Some of the Unique Pumpkin Varieties Grown at Washington's Gordon Skagit Farms
Tucked down a country road in the heart of Washington State's fertile Skagit Valley, Gordon Skagit Farms seems plucked from a storybook. Crates overflow with heirloom pumpkins in surreal colors, and sprawling displays showcase gorgeous gourds, warts and all. On an early-fall visit, we got to see the season's bounty up close—and learn about a family-run business on a serious roll.

More Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

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Once upon a fall day at our offices, a group of editors and staffers came together and hosted a pumpkin painting party—and the result is this colorful batch of pumpkins.
Pirate Ship Pumpkin
Ahoy! And, trick or treat... if you dare. This brigantine-style boat is brimming with a pirate's treasure haul: pearly white gumballs and candy gold doubloons.