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One dip in the dye bath and you have something brand new! Dyeing is as much an art as a science, so don't hesitate to experiment. Give a set of plain white dish towels a colorful upgrade, an old scarf a prettier shade, or a string of wooden beads a beautiful new hue. Try a new technique like shibori, ombre dip-dyeing, batik, or everyone's favorite—tie-dye. Just remember that natural fibers—like cotton, linen, silk, and wool—take dye much better than synthetics do.

Most Recent

  • luster splatterware easter eggs in china
    Luster Splatterware Easter Eggs

    To get the look of luster splatterware, drop a teaspoon or so of extra virgin olive oil into your dye, then dip, dry, and rub the still-oily surface with edible luster dust for lasting shimmer.

  • jasperware easter eggs
    Jasperware Easter Eggs

    To get the look of Jasperware, we called on candy molds and polymer clay to sculpt our decorations, then baked and glued them onto these dyed marvels.

  • polka dot painted easter eggs in polka dot patterned bowls
    Café-Au-Lait-Bowl Easter Eggs

    To get the look of vintage café au lait bowls, set an egg back in its carton, spray-paint the top, and add matching dots. Reverse the design for others, dyeing them and dabbing on white; give plain eggs a few vivid dollops.