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One dip in the dye bath and you have something brand new! Dyeing is as much an art as a science, so don't hesitate to experiment. Give a set of plain white dish towels a colorful upgrade, an old scarf a prettier shade, or a string of wooden beads a beautiful new hue. Try a new technique like shibori, ombre dip-dyeing, batik, or everyone's favorite—tie-dye. Just remember that natural fibers—like cotton, linen, silk, and wool—take dye much better than synthetics do.

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  • painted egg centerpiece
    Two-Tone Easter Eggs

    Spring has indeed, sprung! Celebrate Easter — and the end of a long winter — with this easy, exuberant idea that is sure to delight your rabbits both big and small.

  • stacked Easter egg centerpiece
    Stackable Easter Eggs Centerpiece

    These eggs-traordinary decorations can be dyed and painted to any color scheme. And when arranged totem-style, they make a surprising centerpiece for the Easter table.

  • dyed easter eggs shaving cream purples
    Dyed Easter Eggs Using Shaving Cream

    Skip the vinegar and dye your Easter eggs in softer, easy-to-clean shaving cream. This easier, kid-friendly technique allows you to mix and marbleize different colors.

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