For eight days out of the year, family and friends celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, spirituality, and communal spirit. Get our recipes like latkes and "glittered" Sufganiyot, decorations including menorahs and candles, and a variety of DIY gift ideas to make your holiday all the more special.

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22 Hanukkah Crafts and Decorations for Eight Nights of Fun
Celebrate Hanukkah with our inspired crafts, gift wrapping ideas, favors, and decorations, including dreidels and menorahs. These ideas will help make all eight nights sparkle.
How to Play Dreidel—Plus, the Meaning of This Hanukkah Game
Give it a spin and share your wealth of gelt, small toys, and trinkets.
Celebrate the Festival of Lights With These Hanukkah Desserts, Which You'll Crave All 8 Nights
No celebration of the Festival of Lights is complete without a sweet treat to close out the evening. From all kinds of rugelach cookies to those irresistible fried sufganiyot, the Israeli jelly-filled donuts that are perhaps the best known Hanukkah dessert, there are many different and delicious options for your dessert table on this special holiday. Fried desserts are a time-honored tradition at Hanukkah: They are symbolic of the oil that was only supposed to burn for one day, but lasted eight long nights. Our recipe collection includes several twists (one is actually shaped as twists!) on the fried donut, as well as apple fritters. Among our favorite baked Hanukkah desserts are some decorated in blue and white for the holiday—plus there's a giant chocolate-covered marshmallow version of the dreidel and easy homemade gelt.
19 Hanukkah Dinner Recipes the Whole Family Will Love
Give family and friends the greatest gift of all at your Hanukkah celebration: an assortment of beloved recipes, including latkes, brisket, short ribs, kugel, and more. Whether you like to prepare traditional holiday dishes or branch out with more modern interpretations of the classics, our collection of essential Hanukkah dinner recipes has something for every family. Rooted in tradition, these dishes will make your celebration both meaningful and delicious.
6 Organizations That Will Help You Send Homemade Holiday Cards to Kids Who Need Them
Send your notes to these charities, which will distribute your cards to hospitals nationwide during the holiday season.

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We're starting with a controversial opinion: All latkes can and should be gluten-free.