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Envelope Organizers

These colorful cardstock envelopes are the perfect way to reduce paper clutter. Categorically organize all of your receipts, shopping lists, memos, and more into these folders that double as decorative additions to your desktop or office wall.

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


Before making any cuts in your cardstock, it might help to trace light lines along where you'd like to cut. This will ensure that all of your flaps align perfectly. 


  1. Using the envelope guide on the scoring board, score both "A" lines and one "B" line for an A9 size envelope.
  2. With scissors, cut out the two small triangles in between the A and B score lines. On the flap below the "B" line, trim off the top 1.5" with the craft knife. (Tip: Lightly trace a line so that the bottom flap perfectly aligns between the side flaps).
  3. Fold the three flaps toward the score lines; secure flaps with glue or double-stick tape where the seam overlaps.

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