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Origami Bowls

A single sheet of paper can organize your desktop! These folded paper bowls take advantage of cardstock's sturdiness and bright hues to create cute containers to corral your smaller office supplies like paper clips, binder clamps, and push pins. 

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


The key to perfectly-formed bowls is making a crisp fold, so pay close attention to the diagram below to ensure that you have scored the cardstock properly before folding.


  1. Using the paper trimmer, cut a piece of cardstock into 6-inch squares.

  2. On the scoring board, score down the center of the square; rotate 90 degrees, and score down the center again. You will now have four equal quadrants.

  3. Using our template as a guide, score a line connecting opposite corner points to create a diagonal. On either side of the diagonal line, score lines connecting the midpoints of each side.
  4. Fold the paper into a triangle following the diagonal scored line; gently fold the outer triangular sections inward. Repeat steps 2-4 for the two remaining squares.
  5. Slide the triangles into one another with the center edges facing upward; secure bottom flaps with double-stick tape.

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