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Perpetual Desk Calendar

This handy calendar can be used year after after, and the numbers -- stenciled onto inexpensive gift tags -- are easy to flip and rotate.

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


For a full year, you will need 3 packs of tags (for 26 tags total).


  1. Using stencil tape, tape off a diagonal line toward the middle of each tag; paint the bottom halves with the color of your choice.
  2. Apply adhesive alphabet stencils centered on the tag to spell out the 12 months (we abbreviated the months). Use the adhesive number stencils to create one set of 0-3, and a second set of 0-9, one number per tag. Pounce a contrasting color of paint on top of the stencil.
  3. Screw in three hooks in a straight line about one-inch from the top of the piece of basswood (from the left, screw in at the 1.5", 4" and 6.5" marks). Hang the month tags on the first hook, 0-3 on the middle hook, and 0-9 on the last hook.
  4. Glue small triangular basswood stands to the back so that your calendar can sit upright on it's own.

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