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Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Can Totally Avoid

Renovating a bathroom can seem like an easy task; simply freshen the tiling, replace the tub, and call it a day. Banish that thought from your head -- revamping your water closet will take a lot more than just grout. Plumbing, mirrors, lighting, towel racks -- the list goes on. There's more than meets the eye in a bathroom renovation, and we're here to make sure your eyes don't miss a spot.

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The bathroom is the toddler of the home renovation -- it may look innocent, but it's a hefty handful to manage. The bathroom is arguably the most functional room in the house, which means a well-organized layout is essential. Learn from your forebears: Orlando Soria of Homepolish gives his take on the most common bathroom renovation mistakes homeowners make and how to avoid them.


1. Not Having a Plan

A man, a plan, a canal, a bathroom. A bathroom needs to be absolutely organized in advance. Because there are so many finicky elements involved, you can't put it together puzzle-style, piece by piece. The plumbing will have to incorporate the design. The design will have to incorporate the electric wiring. For example, you should know before you gut the place where the bathtub will go, Soria says.


2. Incorporating Too Many Design Elements

The bathroom is a small space; it can't handle an influx of design. Soria urges homeowners to pick a focal point -- say, a freestanding bathtub -- and build the room's design around that piece. Not every piece of furniture can be the star, so you can skip the gold-studded toilet if you already have a turquoise showerhead. The bathroom will naturally be a place of chaos. The design shouldn't reflect that. In fact, it should mute the chaos (if it is to be muted at all.)


3. Forgetting About Storage

The ideal bathroom is simple -- often it's white and sparsely decorated. But this image belies the bathroom's stuffed-to-the-brim nature. We need a lot of stuff in the bathroom! From towels to toiletries, the bathroom has a lot of baggage. In addition, toiletries and the like are often the sort of baggage we don't want lying around. "People always forget that guests will have stuff," Soria says of guest bathrooms. Subsequently, there are no places in the guest bathroom for guests to store their cosmetics and the like.


4. Neglecting Electricity

Remember that your blow dryers or hair straighteners need to be plugged in somewhere! A vanity should have an outlet nearby -- you don't want to have to use an extension cord or a power strip in your bathroom. Small spaces clutter up quickly, and anything you can do to keep the space clear will benefit the overall vibe.


5. Getting Overzealous with Tiling

Tiling can be a fun part of bathroom renovations -- what other room in the house is built like a mosaic, piece by shiny piece? But Soria urges homeowners to remember to keep the bathroom simple. He advises that you pair a bolder tile design -- say, a beetle black -- with a more neutral tone. The bathroom isn't the place for extremes. The bathroom is where you begin to assemble yourself. It shouldn't demand attention with obnxious tiling.


The one thing that Soria absolutely stresses -- and we'll say it again -- is to have a plan. Before you begin to renovate, consider what vibe you'll want the room to emit. Do you want marine serenity? Or a ethereal grace, with elegant gold accents? Entering into a renovation with a plan will lead to a more efficient and more rewarding result. Decisions will be easier and the final product will communicate a cohesive, unified vision.