This busy mother got a bedroom makeover to reflect her East Coast roots.
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As soon as Meg and her husband set eyes on their expansive Cape Cod-style home, they knew it was the one. Unlike the Spanish Colonial or Mediterranean designs that mark much of Los Angeles' residential architecture, the 1937-built structure stands apart from its neighboring homes. While the traditional, East-Coast style is what really captured Meg's attention, she and her husband couldn't deny the home's irresistible layout-five bedrooms and a top floor that allows the kids plenty of room to spread out and play.

Upon moving in, most of the design attention was given to the main living areas, which were infused with stripes, navy blues, whites, and reds to match the East Coast architecture. But the master bedroom remained untouched. Finally, after years of living there, Meg decided it was time to give her personal space a little love with a bedroom makeover.

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Meg had previously used Laurel & Wolf to design her son Ryder's nursery, so she returned to the online design service to work some magic on her bedroom.

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Working with Laurel & Wolf designer Megan Opel, Meg's bedroom began to transform into a beautiful medley of East Coast meets West Coast style.

"I grew up in Connecticut, so my roots are preppy. I also spent a lot of time with family on Martha's Vineyard, so having a bit of nautical spirit in the room makes me feel right at home," Meg explained.

Meg's designer brought in navy textiles, gold accents, and neutral elements to connect the bedroom to the theme of the rest of the house. The walls and farmhouse-style ceiling beams were kept white in order to draw attention to the stunning lighthouse-like architecture.

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Photo by Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf
| Credit: Photo by Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf

The bedroom's beautiful new design is all about the small details coming together as a whole. Traditional colors like navy and green are accented with gilded hardware on the sailing-inspired side tables and lamps. Flowers and plants enliven the room and add a fresh, cheerful vibe to the space.

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A coastal-meets-traditional etagere is decorated with books, delicate accessories, and memorable family pictures. Keeping her shelves organized and uncluttered helps Meg go into each day with a clear head, ready to take on work and motherhood.

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By minimizing the amount of stuff in the space, Meg's designer created a much more relaxing environment for the family to enjoy. The large windows once had a desk blocking the bright, natural light from streaming in, so the desk was swapped for a studded navy chair, small table, and lamp. Despite the amount of furniture, the window has become a spacious yet cozy reading nook, which is now Meg's favorite spot to sit and read to her kids or unwind after a long day. It also prevents her from working in her room as often, making it more of a place for relaxation than somewhere to bring back the stresses of the day.

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Other than the reading nook, Meg's favorite parts of her bedroom makeover are the kid-friendly elements her designer brought to the space. A coverlette on the bed allows the kids to hop in for cuddle time without making a mess, and her side tables have ample drawer space for hiding unsightly objects and keeping curious little fingers at bay.

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Photo by Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf

"I have a tendency to take a theme and ruin it by going overboard, but [my designer's] suggestions balanced the room in just the right way," Meg says.

Now a healthy blend of neutrals, East Coast flair, and nautical colors, the space feels like a little slice of New England right in the middle of LA.


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