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Everything You Need to Know About the Spritz, the Ultimate Summer Cocktail

The bubbly, low-alcohol quencher is an easy, delicious way to beat the heat.

Associate Digital Food Editor
Photography by: Alpha Smoot

While a white wine spritzer can be a fun ‘80s throwback at happy hour, it’s the spritz we want to be drinking all summer long. An iconic Italian aperitif, it's a light, refreshing blend of bitter liqueur and sparkling wine and/or water -- just the thing for scorching weather. The most popular version is the oh-so-simple Aperol spritz, which calls for three parts Prosecco, two parts Aperol, and a splash of soda water. Garnish with orange slices, then sip and let yourself be transported to a sun-dappled Venetian patio.

Once you’ve mastered the classic, feel free to take liberties with the spritz formula. After all, summer’s about having fun, not following the rules! Add different fruits and veggies to the mix and experiment with the type of booze. Or skip the liquor entirely and let the kids enjoy a fizzy beverage, too. Our tried-and-true flavor combos are equally quaffable without alcohol as they are spiked, which means they transition perfectly from lazy summer days to leisurely evening get-togethers:


Cucumber + Mint + Pineapple + Pisco

Lime + Jalapeno + Grapefruit  + Tequila or Mezcal

Ginger + Hibiscus + Honey + Cinnamon + Rum

Photography by: Christopher Testani