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Leather Wrap Friendship Bracelets

Take a trip down memory lane with this grown-up twist on a cherished childhood craft: friendship bracelets! These bracelets are made with leather cord and colors of your choice.

Source: Martha Stewart


Friendship bracelets conjure up feelings of nostalgia, bringing back memories of camp and summers spent with best friends. The secret to mastering this craft is using a rigid box to make working with your leather cord and floss a little bit easier. Be sure to cut enough leather so that it can wrap all the way around the box and leave room for you to tie a knot. With the floss, it's important to keep the length manageable, since it's always easy to add in more floss when you need it. As you work, be sure to keep an exposed loop at the top of your bracelet, since this will form your clasp at the end.


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  • Leather cord
  • Embroidery floss in various colors
  • Washi tape
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Small box


  1. Cut a piece of leather cord and fold it in half to meet both ends, measured to fit around the box. Wrap the folded cord around your box and slip the ends of the cord through the leather loop; tying to secure.
  2. Cut equal lengths of embroidery floss in each color desired. Wrap all of the threads behind the leather cord so that you are holding one end of the floss on the left and another on the right.
  3. Select one color and -- holding the floss between your pointer fingers -- begin weaving it. Take the left thread and feed it under the leather cord and the other threads. Follow with the right thread, and feed it back under the middle through the leather cord and threads on your left side.
  4. Complete a few weaves of your first color, then tape down the extra colors. The woven floss will create an "x" shape that you can slide up and tighten. (Again, be careful not to scrunch it up too much, since this will close off the leather cord loop at the top of your bracelet.)
  5. Continue weaving, alternating between colors. As you work, you will begin to see a solid fishtail-style band forming.
  6. Finish weaving colored floss, then slide wrapped bracelet off the box and untie the leather cord.
  7. Grab one thread of embroidery floss of whichever color you were last weaving and thread your needle. Begin stitching the excess threads into the back of your bracelet to hide and secure them.
  8. After several stitches, sew through the loop to knot it off; cut excess threads.
  9. Snip any excess leather cord, leaving just enough to tie and complete the bracelet.

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