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Knotted Handkerchief Handbag

Have less than five minutes? Here's how to tie a vintage silk scarf into a bright bag using six quick knots -- no sewing required!

Source: Martha Stewart


Vintage silk scarves make a lovely, colorful addition to any ensemble. But if you're looking for a clever new way to work this classic accessory into your wardrobe, try knotting it into a handbag.


Differently sized scarfs will yield differently size bags, and depending on how you tie the first knots, the length of your handles will be shorter or longer. Try the project out with scarves of different sizes and prints, like floral and paisley, for different (but equally stylish!) results. 


  • Silk handkerchief or scarf


  1. Lay out your scarf on a flat surface, and tie an overhand knot in one corner.
  2. Tie another knot in the second corner, measuring about the same length as the first knotted corner for consistency. Repeat this step until you've knotted all four corners; these knots will form your handles.
  3. Tie the adjacent corners together in double-knots to form handles and finish your bag.

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