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Palm Leaf Table Runner

Things are about to get wild at this party. This tropical-inspired table runner is perfect for any summer bash.

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Start with two pieces of cardstock, each 6" x 12". Fringe 5.5" down the entire length of the first piece; fringe halfway down the length of the second piece.
  2. With the non-fringe edge running up and down, fold each fringe at an angle so that they all point downward, alternating the fringe to go left or right.
  3. Aline the fully-fringed piece above the half-fringed piece and attach the pieces together with double-stick tape. You may need to trim the last two leaflets on the fully fringed piece.
  4. Using scissors, cut off the unfringed cardstock from the bottom piece to create a stem.
  5. Trim the outer edges of the leaves to create a palm-leaf shape (gradually shorter pieces at the top and bottom).

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