Stenciled Paper Parasol

This pretty acccessory will help you stay cool (and look pretty cute to boot). Personalize yours with stenciled shapes and colors of your own design.


What You'll Need



  1. parasol_160527_0051_vert

    Clip the stencil to the parasol with binder clips for stability. (You may cut out the design from the sheet or leave the full sheet intact)

  2. Lightly apply satin paint to the pouncer. Use a paper towel to dab off excess paint (this is because overloading the pouncer may result in an unwanted heavy texture).

  3. parasol_160527_0054_vert

    Hold a disposable cloth to the underside of the parasol where you will apply paint (this adds extra stability as you work). Start gently pouncing the first color over the stencil. (Tip: Pounce slowly to reduce movement from the stencil.)

  4. parasol_160527_0055_vert

    Immediately wash the stencil with warm water; continue pouncing your stencil design in varying colors. Let parasol dry completely before using.

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