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Clare Vivier's Dinner Party Tricks

While the accessories designer doesn't follow set guidelines when entertaining, she does have surefire tips for a relaxed and special evening.

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1. Divide and Conquer

Clare's husband Thierry is in charge of cooking, while she takes care of ambience. This way, neither one starts the party feeling overwhelmed.

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2. Don't Stop at Flowers

"Whether our friends from Hollyflora make bouquets or I gather what I find in the garden, there's always a natural, wild feeling to the table," says Clare, who loves to add fresh fruit to arrangements.

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3. Set the Mood with Music

"Though I'd love to have time to set up a great playlist, I usually use Spotify or Pandora. I set the station to Serge Gainsbourg or Common, depending on the mood of the night," she says.


4. No Need for a Bar

The couple keeps the white and rose wines chilled in ice buckets and the red nearby, so bottles are always within reach. "Nobody's glass is empty for long," she says.

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6. Embrace Drop-Ins

Clare doesn't worry if a friend's babysitter cancels or someone wants to bring an out-of-town guest. "We'll find an extra seat," she says. "There's always room for one more."



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