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Paper Flower Garland

Look what's in bloom! This lightweight garland draped in jasmine flowers makes a lovely backdrop for any party.

Photography: Susan Beech

Source: Martha Stewart


This garland is exclusively designed by contemporary paper artist Susan Beech of A Petal Unfolds. The individual flowers that decorate it are designed to look like jasmine, a variety which is both easy to replicate and gives the garland a lovely drape.


To learn more about Susan's paper flowers, read our exclusive interview.


  • Floral wire (20 & 22 gauge)
  • Green floral wire (26 gauge)
  • Doublette crepe paper
  • 140gsm Crepe paper in yellow and green
  • 60gsm Crepe paper in pink and green
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cardstock
  • Tracing paper
  • Tacky glue
  • Wire cutters


  1. To make flowers: Print the template, then trace and cut out of cardstock. (Note: The arrows on the templates should match the direction of the grain on your paper when you are working from them.)
  2. Cut a piece of yellow 140gsm crepe paper using the center template and stretch the paper between your thumbs.
  3. Cut a piece of 22-gauge wire to 3.5cm in length, apply glue over the piece of yellow crepe and and wrap around the wire, covering the top.
  4. Cut 5 petals using the petal template from white/pink doublette and slightly curl the petals over the closed blades of your scissors. Glue the petals around the centre with a small amount of glue, arranging the first three (by clock position) at 12, 4 and 8 o'clock, then the remaining two at 10 and 2 o'clock.
  5. Cut a strip of pink 60gsm paper 1 cm wide against the grain (there is a guide on the template sheet) and stretch between your fingers. Apply a little glue on the end. Place the strip on the diagonal underneath the flowerhead and wrap around the stem to cover the yellow centre paper. Cut the paper at the end of the yellow centre and glue down.
  6. Cut the remaining wire under the center to a length of 1.5cm and bend it to a 45-degree angle. Repeat this until you have as many flowers as you need. (Or 12 per 10 inches of floral wire.)
  7. To make leaves: Cut a piece of 140gsm green crepe paper 9cm wide against the grain; stretch the paper between your thumbs and cut out the leaves making sure the height of the template runs with the grain of the paper. Repeat until you have as many leaves as you need. (Or 12 leaves per 10 inches of floral wire.)
  8. To assemble the garland: Take a piece of 20-gauge floral wire and cut a piece of 60gsm green crepe paper against the grain, 1cm in width. Stretch and apply a little glue to the end.
  9. Wrap around the top of the wire, then apply a little glue to the wire stem of a flower and a leaf. Place the flower stem wire flush against the garland wire over the top of the crepe strip and wrap around to keep in place.
  10. Repeat with a leaf or another flower and you can keep adding as many or as little as you wish by sight.If at any point the strip of green crepe tears or finishes, you can simply glue down and start again from the same point.
  11. When you get to about two-thirds of the way along the wire, you can stop adding flowers and foliage and wrap the remaining wire on it's own with the crepe paper so that this can be used to attach the wire to the next piece of the garland. Repeat until you have the length of garland that you require once you place all the pieces together.
  12. To join the pieces together, cut 4cm pieces of 26-gauge wire and neatly wrap around both stems tightly until they feel secure. When you have finished joining the stems together, you can attach a piece of ribbon to both ends to hang on a wall if needed.

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