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7 Delicious Doughnut Recipes for All Your Summer Parties

A delicious doughnut never fails to delight: Maybe it's the sweet aroma that greets you when you walk into a bakery, or perhaps it's the cheery rainbow sprinkles. With so many options to choose from, I've rounded up seven creative ways to decorate our favorite doughnute recipes.

Pancake_Maple_Bacon_Doughnut.jpg (skyword:242620)

For Weekend Brunch

Doughnuts in the morning? (Yes, that seems pretty standard...) So try these little maple bacon delights for something different!


If you're hosting a brunch or having friends over for coffee, try this: Bake a batch of miniature doughnuts and create a set of small breakfast sandwiches by stacking one on top of each small pancake. Drizzle with maple syrup and top with crispy bits of bacon.

CHEERS_Jelly_Doughnuts.jpg (skyword:242819)

For a Picnic Outing

Try your hand at making mini jelly-filled balls of happiness (also known as Sufganiyot) for your summer picnic. There's no better picnic spread than jelly-filled doughnuts, cold cocktails or lemonade, with checkered linens and straws!

bball_doughnut_hole.jpg (skyword:242615)

For Game Night

Whether it's basketball, baseball, golf, or football -- how about making sports ball doughnut pops? Using the same doughnut holes recipe, add a lollipop stick, coat in melting chocolate, and pipe frosting to make miniature basketballs (or any other ball sport you choose).

cookies_doughtnuts_0316.jpg (skyword:244830)

For a Kid's Birthday Party

Tired of milk and cookies? Surprise them with this treat instead: Cookies-n-cream doughnuts are paired with a tall glass of cold milk. To make the doughnuts, use this chocolate cake recipe and bake in a doughnut pan. Top with frosting and crushed up Oreos. (And don't be surprised when the kids ask for seconds!)

hawiian_doughnuts_luau_0316.jpg (skyword:244829)

For a Tropical Luau

If you're looking for a fun theme, a summery luau party is always a blast! For a dessert idea, serve a platter of cake doughnuts, each one coated in vanilla-citrus glaze and decorated with a green stem (cut from construction paper) to look like a palm-sized pineapple. Aloha, indeed.

whiskey_caramel_doughnuts_2.jpg (skyword:242626)

For a Southern-Style Barbeque

These are just too good! Make a batch of chocolate-glazed doughnuts and drizzle with caramel bourbon vanilla sauce -- the combination is downright addictive. The caramel bourbon sauce also makes a great gift or party favor when put into a cute jar with a ribbon.

Popcorn_doughnuts_0323.jpg (skyword:242824)

For Movie Night

Let's end with one of my favorite evening activities: movie night with popcorn, of course! Well, what about popcorn doughnuts? That's right: Make doughnut holes and glaze them with a salted butter frosting. These bite-sized crowd-pleasers are easy to make in a big batch.


All of these treats are so creative, quick, and easy to make that you might end up having doughnuts every night! (In my world, that's a good thing.)