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3 Healthy Potluck Salads Everyone Will Adore

Pasta salad, potato salad, and tabbouleh are just the ticket for a picnic or cookout.

potluck salad varieties
Photography by: Christopher Testani

Healthier takes on our favorite summer sides? Yes, please. These light, versatile salads are loaded with seasonal vegetables and flavorful herbs—and light on fats. They will delight any crowd and pair well with grilled meat or fish. Plus they can be made a day in advance and are delicious at room temperature, so pack them up for any event on your calendar this summer.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Pasta Salad with Peas and Summer Beans

Go fresh: just a half-pound of pasta will feed eight when you toss it with similarly sized cut green and wax beans. Skip the traditional mayo and dress it with lime zest and juice plus a whopping cup of fresh cilantro.


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Potato Salad with Quick-Pickled Onions and Celery

Quick-pickled onions and celery add big flavor to this Nordic-inspired potato salad. No mayo in this one, either—just vinegar, agave syrup, and plenty of fresh dill.


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Chopped-Vegetable Tabbouleh

Bulgur, bell pepper, fennel, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes make a lovely chorus of summer flavors and textures in this colorful dish. Lemon juice along with fresh parsley and mint ties everything together. Serve in individual jars so that no one bogarts the salad.


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