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Pops and Bubbles: How to Throw a Champagne Popsicle Party

Cocktail hour just got a sweet upgrade! Popsicles are the perfect summer throwback to childhood, but a little bit of bubbly instantly puts a delicious grownup spin on the frozen treat (and gives you one more reason to throw a party this summer). 


We love popsicles. (Who doesn't?) So it's only natural that we'd be partial to the idea of making the sweet frozen treat the absolute star on a sweltering summer afternoon. A champagne popsicle party is the perfect way to put a grown-up spin on the frozen childhood fave, and it gives you one more way to celebrate summer with your friends, family, and (most importantly) a little bit of bubbly.


Hooked on this party theme? Browse our ideas for hosting an impromptu champagne popsicle party from start to (sweet) finish!


Send Out Your Popsicle Invitations

The first step to getting the party-planning ball rolling is working out your guest list. Once you have an idea of who you'll be inviting to your champagne popsicle party, notify guests about your upcoming summer shindig with these themed invitations. Cut and pasted from glassine and vellum paper, these invitations have a fresh-out-of-the-freezer look that sets the tone for nostalgic indulgence.


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String Up a Popsicle Garland

Using the same template from the invites, make your own garland of paper popsicles. Go for a monochromatic look for simplicity -- our garland plays with shades of pink to resemble strawberry and watermelon popsicles -- or change it up for a more colorful, multi-flavor look. Whatever your palette, the garland makes for a fabulously cute decoration that you can string throughout your space, like along the sides of tables or between trees.

Photography by: Ditte Isager

Popsicles! Popsicles! Popsicles!

We're partial to these Striped Ice Pops since they match the party decor. But why stop there? Set up a whole popsicle bar for guests to mix and match flavors. Some of our favorite flavor combos? How about Watermelon-Strawberry Popsicles? Or whirly-swirly berry Firecracker Pops? Or Frozen Melon Margarita Pops? Or Fruit Salad Ice Pops (made with fresh-from-the-farmstand fruit)? The pop-sibilities are endless.


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Pass Around the Sweets

Don't forget the bubbly! It goes without saying that the star of your refreshments table will be your signature champagne cocktails (not only does dipping popsicles of your choice into the bubbly make for an exciting flavor, but it also doubles as a way to keep your bubbly chilled). Even so, having an assortment of treats for guests to nibble on is key to any successful party. For this dessert party, think tiered plates of fruit and nostalgic candy choices like salt water taffy, yogurt-covered pretzels, and giant gumballs.


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Erin Furey, host of "DIY Style," offers a few tips on how to make your champagne popsicle party really, well, "pop!"