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How to Host a Netflix Party and Binge-Watch All of Your Favorite Shows

Admit it: You binge-watch TV like the rest of us. (Even Netflix knows it.) Over 80 million people in the world watch their favorite shows and movies on Netflix, so why not join the biggest party happening right in your living room? Round up your friends, warm up some popcorn, and host a binge-watching party that's worthy of its own standing ovation.


Set up a star-quality snack bar

And don't forget to supply everyone's favorite movie theater snacks. Try this delicious caramel corn with peanuts recipe. Add some red licorice whips, tasty gem candies, and maybe a break-a-piece batch of movie theater bark. Try smoked salmon dip with bagel chips and white pizza with pickled onions and peppers are sure to be a hit with your party guests. You can set up at your coffee table like a buffet-style or serve them on individual TV dinner stands in a set of chalkboard-painted glasses. But be careful: they might just steal the show!


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Photography by: Mike Krautter

Announce the lineup

Nix the inevitable "What to watch?" debate by having it all planned beforehand. You can pick from Netflix's most popular shows: The Walking DeadFargoOrphan Black, or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But if you want to allow your guests to have a hand in picking the flick of the night, you can send a vote card with the invitations. (Remember, a shared fandom means instant bonding.)


Want to really own the cinema theme? This chalkboard-painted clapboard can double as a menu display and a show board.


Make the Clapboard for Movie Night
Photography by: Joseph De Leo

Get cozy (and keep it stylish)

It's easy to replicate a movie theater setup in your own home: Try bean bag chairs, lots of throw pillows, and maybe even a few DIY director's chairs as well. Since couch space is limited, aim for a group of four to eight. If you decide to go with a more "comfortable night-in" theme for your Netflix party, why not let it double as a spa night? You can wear face masks and do your nails while watching Grey's Anatomy.


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Photography by: Mike Krautter

Call Up the Cast

For a casual, comfortable night in, encourage your guests to arrive in their lounge-around clothes. (After all, is it even possible to binge-watch Netflix sans pajamas?) Of course, it's fun to have small moments inspired by the movie premieres in Hollywood with glitz and glamour galore. As the guests arrive, have them "check-in" on social media: you provide the DIY costume accessories and gold sequin backdrop, and let them have fun between episode breaks.


Make This Insta-Worthy Gold Sequin Backdrop

Mix a few Netflix-inspired cocktails

There's nothing like unwinding after hours with a mixed drink and your favorite show. (And anyway, isn't it practically mandatory to have a glass of red wine with Scandal?) Set up a home bar stocked with spirits, and let your guests mingle as they mix their go-to drinks. If you want, offer a few signature cocktails like a Sour-Cherry Old Fashioned a la House of Cards (it's the perfect mix of sweet and sour, sort of like Claire Underwood).