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Gemstone Stud Earrings

All you need to make these custom earrings is a pair of semiprecious pebbles, some craft glue, and a couple of earring posts. The best part? These rock stars cost less than 10 dollars each to pull together.

Photography: Aaron Dyer

Source: Martha Stewart


These gemstone studs make for the perfect accessory to any ensemble, and not just because they happen to be having a trend moment in the jewelry-making world. They are infinitely customizable! Think of the mix-and-match possibilities: With a range of stone and crystal varieties (consult our collection of favorites pictured below), hues, and shapes, no two stone sets look the same.


Personalize your pair with a favorite color, stone variety, or birthstone. To get started, consult our collection of favorites pictured below. From the upper left-hand corner and moving right from row to row, there is: topaz, lapis, sunstone, pyrite, citrine, quartz, tourmaline, chrysoprase, and aquamarine. For more ideas, check out our Birthstone Glossary for the color, minerology, and meaning of each stone. Next, pick your hardware: You can mix and match metals to the gemstone of your choosing. We like cool-toned stones like lapis, hematite, and opal with silver; and warm-toned stones like tiger's eye, sunstone, or citrine with gold or brass. Neutral-colored stones like diamonds, quartz, or white sapphires, all work well with either. 


For more ideas, scroll through our entire collection of Handmade Earrings.


  • Earring posts
  • Craft glue


  1. To make a stud, adhere a jewel to the flat side of a post with a drop of strong craft glue, holding the stone in place until it sticks.
  2. Let set for 24 hours before showing it off.

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