Drawstring Bag for Flowers

Free up your hands and protect your blooms while you shop the farmers' market by turning a basic drawstring bag (like the one that came with your last pair of dress shoes) into a bouquet carrier.


Keep blossoms where they belong (peeking out of the top of the tote) by cinching the drawstring securely around the stems.

What You'll Need



  1. Snip the bottom seam off the drawstring bag.

  2. Fold the edge in 1½ inches, pin, and iron to create smooth out creases.

  3. To attach the strap, pin the ends of a 30-inch-long piece of cotton webbing onto opposite sides of the bag.

  4. Machine-sew a simple straight hem around the edge; reinforce the strap by sewing a rectangle where the webbing and fabric meet.

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