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Tasseled String Light Garland

A string of twinkly lights gets an upgrade with tissue paper pom-poms and fringed tassels. Match them to your party's color palette for a quick decorating idea.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


First, learn how to use a fringe cutter tool by watching our video tutorial. When assembling your garland, remember to never attach tissue paper tassels directly to the bulb or so that it touches the bulb. Arrange abstractly, and don't be afraid to layer or double up on tassels, or tassel-and-pom!


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  • Tissue paper, various colors
  • String lights with globe bulbs
  • Artist's tape
  • Twine


  1. Start with three layers of tissue paper, approximately 10" x 8." Fold stack in half to measure 5" x 8" and align the 8" edge at the bottom of the fringe cutter. Fringe the bottom 3.5" and unfold the stack.
  2. At the 10" side, roll tissue paper from one end to the other, and start twisting at the end into a loop. (See tutorial video above for demonstration.)
  3. Fringe and assemble several more tassels of differing lengths, ranging from 3" to 6" in length.
  4. Cut several individual pom-poms from the garland, and fluff each into a full pom-pom; you may use the garland string as an attaching loop.
  5. To assemble your garland, attach the tassels and pom-poms to the string lights beneath the bulbs using artist's tape.

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