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Graduation Party Card Box

At your post-commencement party, leave this themed box by the door. The guests can tuck their cards signed with best wishes and congratulations to the newly-minted graduate into the slot as they arrive.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


This simple and quick DIY is the perfect addition to any graduation party. Your graduate will cherish the heartfelt notes left by loved ones inside of this card box for years to come. This craft only takes 10 items and some creativity.


  • Craft knife

  • Cutting mat

  • Fringe cutter

  • Round chipboard box with lid, approximately 9 by 4 inches

  • Black cardstock, approximately 30 by 6.25 inches

  • Black board, 13.5-inch square

  • Gold tissue paper

  • Box cutter

  • Twine

  • Hot glue gun and sticks


  1. Using the box cutter, carefully cut a rectangular opening about 8 by 3 inches in the center of the round box lid.

  2. Using the craft knife, cut a slot approximately 3/4 by 7-1/2 inches in the center of the board, aligned on the diagonal between corners.

  3. Glue the top face of the lid to the board as centered as possible; the slot in the board should align within the larger opening on the lid.

  4. Glue the piece of cardstock around the lid, with the long edge wrapping around. This will hide the base, which will hold the cards.

  5. To make the tassel, fringe a small piece of gold tissue paper, about 3 inches in length.

  6. Thread a length of twine through the fringe loop and card slot, and secure on the underside of the lid.

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