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How to Make a Pineapple Centerpiece in 5 Easy Steps

Have a few minutes, a ripe pineapple, and a bundle of fresh flowers? That's all you need to make this edible arrangement and instantly turn your party into a tropical paradise.

Photography by: Lindsay Grace

In the summertime, my parties are all about bright colors and bright flavors. This pineapple centerpiece -- filled to the brim with big blooms -- combines the best of both! And the best part is, you can save the leftover pineapple for a mouthwatering recipe like Spiced Pineapple Cocktails, Jerk Pineapple PorkchopsPineapple and Black Bean Salsa, or a light Pineapple Upside Down Cake to be served at the event. It's perfect for a lovely luau, beach, or pool party. Here, we used it for my Cinco de Mayo celebration.


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Ripe pineapple



Plastic cup

Scooper or ice cream scoop

Fresh flowers (we used purple tulips and pink peonies, among others)

Photography by: Lindsay Grace

Step 1

First, cut the spiked top off of the pineapple.


Step 2

Cut a hole into the pineapple. Make sure that you leave the skin nice and thick so the pineapple stays sturdy.

Photography by: Lindsay Grace

Step 3

Carve out the inside. This is where you can work with a knife or ice-cream scoop. Feel free to place large pieces aside for enjoying later! Take a plastic cup and place it inside of the pineapple; this will be your mini vase for water for the flowers. Trim the cup shorter if needed.

Photography by: Lindsay Grace

Step 4

Create your arrangement and trim so it will fit within the pineapple.

Photography by: Lindsay Grace

Step 5

Fluff up your flowers and set your centerpiece out on display!