9 Easy Appetizers That Start with a Can of Tuna

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A can of tuna probably isn’t the first thing you reach for when you have guests coming over. But with the right recipe, canned tuna can be transformed into an elegant, satisfying appetizer. Here are 9 quick ways to upgrade your tuna and impress company.

Skip the mayo, this tuna salad gets plenty of flavor from Dijon mustard and fresh lemon juice. Cannellini beans give it heft while celery and shallot provide some much-needed crunch.

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Tuna Cakes


Tuna cakes are a great pantry alternative to crab cakes and are just as delectable. Serve hot with your favorite salsa.

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Chickpea and Tuna Dip

Con Poulos

This simple, fuss-free dip brightens up canned tuna and chickpeas with anchovies, lemon, onion, and parsley. Serve with crackers.

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Tiny Tuna Melts


You only need 5 ingredients and a couple minutes to put together these adorable miniature tuna melts.

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Tuna Nicoise Crostini

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Combine canned tuna in oil with green olives, hard-boiled eggs, capers, and tarragon for an elegant crostini topping. You know we love make ahead: baguette slices for crostini can be toasted a day in advance and stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

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Tuna and Caper Dip


Tuna pairs beautifully with that other fish in your pantry: anchovies. Briny capers, rich sour cream, fresh parsley and lemon juice tie all the flavors together in this sensational dip.

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White Bean and Tuna Salad


Canned tuna pairs with another pantry staple, cannellini beans, in this fast, filling salad. Baby spinach, parsley and green olives add fresh flavors and a briny punch. Serve this tasty mixture on crusty garlic-rubbed toasts for an easy starter.

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Two Bite Tuna Melt

two bite tuna melt
Beatriz da Costa

Not your usual tuna melt, this tiny wonder is just right for entertaining. It gets a green boost from fresh basil and can be customized: spread the toast with mustard for more spice, add tomato for juicy sweetness, or switch up the bread. No matter which version you serve, this comforting finger food will be gone in two bites.

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Cucumber and Celery Salad with Tuna

Petrina Tinslay

Chunks of tuna tossed with crunchy cucumber and celery and a sweet poppy seed vinaigrette make a refreshing light appetizer. Serve with warm pita or crisp pita chips.

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