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7 Ways to Add More Personality to Your Home Decor

Ditch "safe" designs in favor of creative accents and personal touches to make your abode feel one-of-a-kind -- just like you. But how to get started? Follow these Dot & Bo approved home decorating tips to begin adding a healthy dose of personality into your home.

Have you ever walked into someone's house and felt like you accidentally stepped into a cold, lifeless hotel room? I certainly have, and I can tell you -- it sure wasn't welcoming! Your space should reflect who you are and what you love. Now, we're not trying to say you should hang a life-size portrait of yourself in every room, but you should get creative! Adding a bit of charm to your home can help to make your space feel inviting and unique -- just like you.

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Incorporate your hobbies into your decor

You could go above and beyond and crochet a huge blanket for your couch, but displaying colorful balls of yarn in a pretty basket is just as charming. Using your tools in your decor can also motivate you to finish your projects, and it works as a great conversation starter.

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Add a splash of your favorite color to each room

This could mean placing a bright yellow chair in your living room, or popping some bold blue pillows on your sofa. If you decorate your house with colors you love, chances are you're going to be happier with the end result.

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Create displays with your prized possessions

Pick out a few of your most prized (and maybe coolest-looking) treasures to arrange on the shelves or walls of your house. This is the time to show off fascinating statuettes, those chic baskets you bought on your trip around the world, or the moss-covered stones and feathers you've collected on hiking trips. Just keep in mind that you don't want to make your space feel cluttered. To keep your shelves from getting too crowded, pick out one or two items for each shelf -- you can always rotate them out for new items when your space needs a dash of fresh energy.

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Pick out light fixtures that reflect your inner sparkle

Do you prefer clean lines and subtle colors, or funky shapes and glittering lights? Whatever your style, show it off with unique lighting. This home features a very unusual Dot & Bo industrial floor lamp that provides soft, glowing light in a vertical orientation -- I absolutely love it!

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Hang up art that you actually like

It might seem silly that people would pick out art they don't like, but it happens all the time. Rather than hanging that Picasso reprint you know everyone is supposed to love, pick out art pieces that you truly can't stop staring at. Browse local galleries or online catalogs for quirky paintings and photos that capture your imagination.

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Create spaces that are as unique as you are

Rather than picking out a style for a particular room, let the theme be you! Do you love an art deco look but can't stop thinking about that retro farmhouse vanity you saw at an antique shop? Combine those pieces to create a truly unique room that reflects the styles you genuinely appreciate. Maybe you love being cozy -- add a luxe throw to the back of your couch, or plush pillows in funky colors. Don't be afraid to let your inner self take the wheel for a minute during your decorating process.

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Mix and match fabrics to show off your eclectic taste

Don't be afraid to pair patterns that you love -- it's your bed after all! Or, if you love bedding that is simple and serene, use that instead. Try to think about the fabrics that will make you happiest when you tuck yourself into bed at night.


Do you have any tips for adding your personality to your decor? Tell me all about them in the comments below!


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