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Mexican Chocolate Candy Wrappers

These edible party favors are fingerprint stamped with fun motifs like maracas, tacos, cacti, and sombreros and give your guests something sweet to nibble on long after the fiesta is over.

Source: Martha Stewart


Store-bought chocolate bars can be easily repackaged in these decorative candy wrappers. Look for Mexican chocolate: with it's distinctive flavor of cacao nibs, sugar, and cinnamon, it makes the perfect Cinco de Mayo treat. Or if you want to really impress your guests, wrap your own homemade treats like chocolate candy icebox bars or chocolate bark with mix-and-match add-ins


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  • Foil-wrapped chocolate bars
  • Pink craft paper
  • Ink pads in various colors
  • Black fine-tip pen
  • Double-sided tape


  1. Cut craft paper to wrap around a single chocolate bar. To accurately measure, make indentations on the paper where the paper meets the side of the chocolate bar with an extra fold-over flap. (This will also help to visualize where motifs should be placed on the paper.)
  2. Press your fingers into an ink pad and experiment stamping shapes with different fingers: Press index finger onto green ink, and stamp cacti; press thumb onto yellow ink, and stamp tacos; press pinky finger onto red ink, and stamp maracas.
  3. Add outlines and details to motifs with fine-tipped pen; let dry.
  4. Using the indentations made earlier as a guide, wrap chocolate bars with decorated paper and secure at the back with double-sided tape.

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