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In Our Pantry: Horseradish

What you need to know about this tasty condiment, including new ways to add zest to everything from breakfast to late-night snacks.

Photography by: YASU+JUNKO
Use stainless steel spoons and glass dishes to serve horseradish, as the tart sauce will tarnish silver.

This intensely spicy root vegetable has been playing a quiet yet pivotal role for eons, adding flavor to basic recipes: A Bloody Mary would be just peppery tomato juice without a spoonful, and cocktail sauce a mere shadow of itself. Grated and stored in vinegar, the condiment was one of our very first convenience foods, and we think it’s high time to let its zesty flag fly freely.

Photography by: Mike Krautter

Our Pick

Gold's is additive-free, with grated bits that are neither too fine nor too thick, and the heat level is just right.



4 Delicious Ways to Work Horseradish

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Salad with Citrus-Horseradish Dressing

With Bibb lettuce, peas, mint leaves, and chopped almonds, this is salad for spring. The dressing takes it in a bold direction -- it's a piquant, gusty mix of lemon and lime zest and horseradish.


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Horseradish Parsnip-and-Potato Rosti

Not just for breakfast, though yes it would be delicious then, this potato-and-parsnip pancake would also be great for lunch or dinner. Using two root vegetables and adding horseradish are genius upgrades on the all-potato classic.


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Artichokes with Horseradish Butter

For those who love both artichokes and horseradish, there's this kicked-up dip: a horseradish butter to dunk artichoke leaves in.


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Horseradish-Pimiento Cheese

We love pimiento cheese, so we couldn't help but try a new take on the lively spread. Serve this easy-to-make appetizer with crackers at your next party.


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