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Stenciled Treat Boxes

One party favor -- dozens of ways to decorate it! These treat boxes can be customized to the color theme of your party, or differently suited to each individual guest.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Following package instructions, cut a pillow box from cardstock using the pillow gift box tool.
  2. Start by designing the section connected to the long edge tab: Choose an adhesive stencil and apply to one edge or corner of that section. (Extend your design to the short tabs as well.)
  3. Using a dauber brush, dab a small amount of paint onto the stencil design. Readjust your stencil to continue your design. (Tip: Use a paper towel to dab excess paint before each application.)
  4. Remove stencil and let dry completely. Assemble the pillow box with double-stick tape. Fill with candy and treats of your choosing.

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