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Postcard Pillow

Living long distance from Mom? This Mother's Day, send her your love with a DIY pillow in the shape of a vintage postcard (stamped with a personalized message specially meant for her).

Photography: Tara Donne

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Side A – Postcard Design: Cut the alphabet stencils down, and tape together to desired letter spacing for "POSTCARD." Align toward the top left corner of pillow and stencil tape down.
  2. Mix one part fabric medium with two parts "Magenta Rose" craft paint. Using a small stencil brush, apply a small amount to the alphabet stencil with a quick up and down motion. (Tip: Have a paper towel on hand to dab excess paint from your brush before applying).
  3. Using "Wild Blueberry" craft paint and a brush, draw a vertical line down the pillow about a third from the right, and stacked wavy lines in the upper right hand corner.
  4. With a detail brush, freehand a personalized message on the left half of the pillow (ie. "Happy Mother's Day!").
  5. Side B – Stenciled Back Design: Mix one part fabric medium and two parts "Raspberry Ice" craft paint in a small bowl.
  6. Cut the desired laser-cut stencil from the full-page template. Line up the stencil on one of the corners.
  7. Using a medium-large stencil brush, apply a small amount of paint to the stencil by using a quick up-and-down motion. (Tip: Be sure to not overload your stencil brush with too much paint. Using a little at a time is recommended).
  8. Continue the stencil design across the pillow until the entire side is complete.

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