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6 Unique Mother's Day Gifts Made by Mompreneurs

Mom knows best, especially when it comes to Mother's Day! That's why I wanted to share one-of-a-kind gift ideas from the mom entrepreneurs ("mompreneurs") who made them. Each gift has been carefully and cleverly designed to energize, inspire, and celebrate moms on Mother's Day -- including yours!

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Photo by Pebby Forevee

1. "Mommin' Ain't Easy" T-Shirt


If you're looking for a Mother's Day gift that tells it like it is, the "Mommin' Ain't Easy" T-shirt is fashionable truth at its best! "Looking good and feeling good at the same time can be hard when you're a mom," says designer Pebby Forevee, "but [my line] offers customized options for moms to do both with the same outfit." Choose the color, graphic and style (off-the-shoulder, muscle tee, cropped top, and crew neck) to complement her best features., $35

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Photo by Inbal More

2. Modern Apron with Smart Pockets


The stylish "Apronini" by BambiniWare is a perfect Mother's Day gift idea for any mom who could use more than two hands during the course of her day... aka all of us! I designed the Apronini to be sturdy enough to hold everything that a mom needs, light enough not to weigh her down, and stylish enough to keep her looking great in the midst of trying to juggle it all. Six versatile compartments can fit everything from bottles to binkies to notebooks and nail files. She'll never forget where she put what she needs because it's always right there with her! It's a must-have no matter what mom does, including crafters, cooks, teachers, and vendors., $50

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Photo by Kristen Bocanegra

3. "Go Chews" Energy Snacks


Every mom could use more energy, so any gift that comes with a boost of energy is always greatly appreciated. That's where Go Chews come in. Made without dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts or tree nuts, these snacks are designed to harness the power of organic whole food ingredients in order to give your body energy. "The flavor combinations are both unique and delicious -- like a sinful snack but good for you!" says founder Kristen Bocanegra. Consider this the perfect pick-me-up for moms: anytime, anywhere., $32

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Photo by Lori Fuller

4. "Dream, Do, Savor" Inspirational Gift Package


The "Dream, Do, Savor Gift Package" is designed to inspire the busy mom to savor the successes of life, turn her dreams into reality, and have fun in the process. The gift package includes a daily planner, a copy of SAVOR Life magazine (with guided worksheets), a stylish notebook, and an eco-friendly bag. "As a busy mom, it's so important to learn how to savor 'me' time so that you can fill your cup with abundance in order to give to your loved ones," says Savor Collection co-founder, Angela Jia Kim. "Take time to organize your 'gorgeous chaos,' do one pleasurable activity every single day, and continue to work on your bigger dream, too. Ultimately, your children will do as you do, and seeing mom savor life is the biggest gift we can give our children.", $55

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Photo by Riche Holmes Grant

5. DIY Spa Gift Basket


A personalized, handmade spa gift basket is a great way to pamper mom. Most ingredients for your DIY bath products can be purchased from the grocery store or health foods market; apothecary jars and baskets can be found at your local crafts store. Add a special touch to your gift basket with stylish printable labels from "My inspiration for giving DIY bath and body products as gifts comes from a combination of my love of giving homemade gifts and my love of using all-natural ingredients on my skin," says maker Lia Griffith. "Not only do I get to share something that I made myself with my loved ones, but it is something that I know will actually benefit them.", free


Plus, here are some great recipes to get you started:

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Photo by Elizabeth Dranitzke

6. Professional Portrait Session


Help her step away from her role as the default family photographer and give her a special photoshoot. If she's hesitant to do it alone, invite a few of her friends to join her! Photographer Elizabeth Dranitzke packs her "Modern Portraits of Women" sessions full of fun and glam with a wardrobe consultation, secret Pinterest boards, professional make-up and a one-hour photo shoot, among other mom-friendly extras. "Be yourself, but pay attention to the details such as make-up, hair, jewelry, and nails because they really make a difference in photographs," Dranitzke advises., contact for rates


Happy Mother's Day! What will you be giving to your mother this year?