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8 Easy Ways to Transform Your Front Porch

Looking for your next project? A front porch makeover is a great weekend to-do that can boost curb appeal.

According to a survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance, spring is the most popular season for home improvement projects. We're willing to bet you're itching for a little home makever too! If you want to give your house a facelift, I've gathered eight simple front porch ideas that you can try.

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Designed by John Gidding, Photography by Joshua Thomas

Clear Out The Clutter

Before getting started remove everything from the porch, including furnishings, garden tools, and toys, so you can more clearly visualize the space you have to work with. A clear space is easier to upgrade and, depending on the size of your porch, it will allow you to plan out how you want furniture and other decor placed.


Start With a Clean Slate

Rent a power washer to clean everything from vinyl siding to the front walkway to deck furniture. Be sure to scrub any windows that might be facing the porch as well. A streak free shine can make all the difference!

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Designed by John Gidding, Photography by Joshua Thomas

Add Some Paint

A fresh coat of paint or stain will update the look of your wood and help preserve it. If you're unsure about which product will work best for your project, head down to your local hardware store for a consultation. Textured paints often hide the wear and tear better on older wood and can add a bit of grit that prevents the surface from becoming too slippery when wet. Your local hardware store should be able to provide suggestions on the product that will work best for your home and skill level.

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Designed by John Gidding, Photography by Joshua Thomas

Make a Grand Entrance

Consider purchasing a new front door. There are some great energy-efficient doors on the market that could be a draw for potential buyers and help increase your resale value. Or, if you'd rather save the money, switch up the color of your exiting door. Take into consideration the color of your home when selecting a shade and choose a contrasting hue to really make the door pop.

Create Tech Appeal

Adding smart home technology like automatic door locks, video surveillance or even connected smoke alarms can also increase the value of your home. Depending on the state where you live, some insurance companies offer higher discounts levels if you install smart systems like Vivint or smart protection devices like Nest Protect. These types of smart home savings are designed to help you worry less about your home's security and other unexpected damaging events.

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Designed by John Gidding, Photography by Joshua Thomas

Light Up The Area

Hire an electrician to install overhead lighting structures, or a ceiling fan with a light. If that's not an option or the ceiling is too low for a fan, upgrade the sconces on either side of your front door -- a small change like new, modern lighting fixtures can instantly improve any space. I like to use LED lights because they're safe, bright, and long-lasting. They also don't give off heat, which attracts bugs while you're enjoying your porch in warmer months. Plus, most LED bulbs last up to 20 years, so you can truly "set it and forget it."

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Designed by John Gidding, Photography by Joshua Thomas

Get Creative With Seating

If your front porch has the space, create a conversation area. Hook up a swing and bring your seating up off the ground. Off-ground seating also makes clean-up easier and makes everything feel airy. Or, building a custom bench can be an easy project for first-time DIYers. Add a few outdoor pillows (and switch them out each season) to keep the look fresh!

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Designed by John Gidding, Photography by Joshua Thomas

Add a Pop of Color With Plants

To help brighten your space, purchase hanging plants or create a container garden. It's important, though, that you take care of them and swap them out at the end of each season -- you don't want to greet guests with dead plants.