These expert tips will help you spruce up this essential part of your home.

The front porch is the first glimpse into a home. More than just an entryway, the area can become both an oasis and pivotal design element. Whether adding a pop of color to the door or going all-out with accessories like potted plants, there are countless ways to make this spot special. Don't forget about comfort, though. The porch should also help you unwind just as much as it pleases the eye. Rhonnika Clifton, principal of R J Clifton Designs, notes that having your design essentials in sync will make a big difference. "Landscaping, patio furniture, your front door, the exterior paint, lighting—all of those details coming together cohesively is important," she says.

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That's not all that can be said about the face of your house. As the main entrance, the space serves as a greeting to all who stop by. Filling your front porch with pieces that point out how you've made your house a home—from the inside out—will speak volumes to any guest. Linda Hayslett, founder of LH.Designs, couldn't agree more. She says that you want visitors to feel welcome and like they're going to have a great time in your home. "It starts off when they come to the front door," she says. "Having the front of the house and the façade all decorated and looking nice starts their experience." Take a look at our simple ideas to transform your front porch, no matter its size or the season.

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Gather Your Ideas Before Making Changes

Before diving into a front porch revamp, we recommend getting started with the help of a handy website like Pinterest. Hayslett uses this tactic with her clients to help gauge their interest in what they might like to add to their design before weeding out their favorites. Other tips to get ideas flowing? Take a look in stores for pieces that pique your interest or scan renovated homes nearby for inspiration. This can point you in the right direction to spot the trends in your area and offer up modern ideas to recreate.

Accessorize the Small Things

Don't forget the minor details when revamping your patio. According to Hayslett, a couple of pieces that are regularly overlooked are house numbers and the mailbox. By updating these to have a contemporary feel, you can quickly refresh your home with an unexpected detail that fits its aesthetic.

Make the Front Door the Centerpiece

"The biggest item is the door," says Hayslett. "A lot of people tend to want to pick something plain in black or gray." That doesn't have to be your go-to, though. If it fits the style of your home, go big with a bright hue to make your porch stand-out. Other touches like a wreath, hanging bells, a doormat, or planters next to the door are ways to make the entrance a destination.

front porch light fixture
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Include Lighting for a Bright Touch

Make the path to your home's anterior a clear one with the help of the right lighting. Hayslett says purchasing solar lights found at your local department store can make a big difference. Looking for a more eye-catching light fixture? She recommends pendant pieces over the front door that can also serve as a sort of home jewelry.

Don't Be Afraid to Boost Color

Clifton's first tip when it comes to adding flair to your front porch? Using color. "My number one recommendation would be to use it—don't be afraid of it," she says. You can use color boldly in subtle ways, as well. Clifton recommends using potted plants and flowers, like succulents, as easy ways to infuse hues into your everyday outdoor décor.

Try Front Porch Furniture

It's not unheard of for the backyard to be a favorite spot to throw a party or to relax, but consider bringing comfort appeal to the front of your home. Take your relaxation and style to the next level with easy finds like bench seating or chairs and elements like a fire pit. Just make sure to add furniture that fits your needs and the design of your space, Clifton notes.

Invest in Your Landscape

Include groomed flower beds for a botanical touch to your real estate. Also try featuring hedges or fencing which can provide privacy without losing style, recommends Clifton.

Keep the Area Clean and the Home's Future in Mind

To preserve the look and life of the front of your home, keep the porch clean and be sure to tend to the paint. Power washing can help remove excess dirt or debris, while checking in on the condition of your paint and being choosy with future home-related purchases can help maintain it for years to come. "I would make sure you pick quality siding," adds Clifton. "Something that is factory painted so you can make sure that the paint is adhering properly and can withstand any temperature [and] any weather conditions."


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