Ground Chicken Recipes

Ground chicken is just as versatile as ground beef and our delicious chicken bolognese sauce and chicken-and-broccoli meatloaf, are among favorite weeknight dinner recipes. It's lighter in taste than other ground meat and has less fat and calories, so it's a healthier option but still easy to use and economical too.

Staff Picks

Chicken Bolognese with Tagliatelle

Our light version of pasta Bolognese features ground chicken -- and plenty of flavor.

Chicken-and-Ricotta Meatballs in Broth

Rating: 3.78 stars
Comforting and nourishing, this twist on a classic homemade staple is a light yet filling meal that everyone in the family will love.

Chicken Burgers

Rating: 3.29 stars
In this recipe, submitted by reader Deurie Barker of Sanford, North Carolina, dark-meat chicken makes the patties as savory and juicy as beef burgers. Saute the vegetables until they're fully tender for the best flavor and texture.

Quick Turkey Bolognese with Spaghetti Squash

Rating: 3.45 stars
Using spaghetti squash instead of pasta in this dish not only saves about 250 calories per serving, but it also creates a wonderful sweet foil for the savory turkey meat sauce.

Crispy Baked Chicken Flautas

Take taco night to the next level with this weeknight spin on cheesy, crunchy flautas. After stuffing them with a smoky, spicy ground chicken-chipotle mixture, we skipped the traditional pan-frying route in favor of letting them crisp-up in the oven.

Khalil's Turkey and White-Bean Chili

Rating: 3.72 stars
Turkey and White-Bean Chili with no tomatoes may sound unorthodox, but it is destined to become a classic. Lots of fresh rosemary and hominy also set this chili apart.

Pot Sticker Dumplings and Soy-Vinegar Sauce

Rating: 3.27 stars
Dumpling wrappers—Chinese wonton or Japanese gyoza skins—are widely available in the frozen-food section of most markets. They're the base for these savory, delicious pot stickers that you can make at home.From the book "Mad Hungry" by Lucinda Scala Quinn (Artisan Books).

Mini Spicy Buffalo Chicken Balls with Blue Cheese and Hot Sauce

Rating: 3.68 stars
These mini chicken meatballs from Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow of The Meatball Shop get their signature spice from a healthy dose of Frank's RedHot, one of the original hot sauces used to make buffalo wings. Serve for a crowd-pleasing appetizer at your next casual gathering.

Chicken Parmesan Meatballs

Rating: 3.97 stars
For a delicious new take on Chicken Parmesan, try these giant meatballs. Ground chicken stands in for the usual cutlet and the cheese is on the inside, mozzarella oozes out when you cut into a meatball. To keep things a bit traditional, they are served atop spaghetti with marinara sauce.

Chicken Consomme

Rating: 3.48 stars

Chicken and Apple Sausage Patties

Rating: 3.29 stars
These sausage patties are great with eggs or pancakes.

Inspiration and Ideas

Chicken and Lentil Burger
Rating: Unrated
Although they have a humble reputation, lentils are packed with protein and fiber. Serve them in burger form and they'll go fast.

Pesto Chicken Burgers

Rating: 3.86 stars

Rethink your burger with ground chicken. Then add tomatoes and fragrant pesto to give this sandwich a delicious twist.