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Enjoy the great outdoors with a comfortable and luxurious outdoor living space. We'll show you how to enhance your outdoor space with décor, a decorative gazebo, maybe a swing set, or a cozy fire pit. Decide on a color palette and we’ll help with ideas on greenery and textures to sprinkle around your space. 

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  • sweet laurel retreat hanging orange wreath
    Citrus Garden Wreath

    Blushing garden roses and sunny oranges remind us of the warm hues of summer. This wreath is crafted with sparse greenery on a natural twig base. And when it hangs from a length of sisal rope, it swings elegantly in any outdoor space.

  • birdhouse
    Modern Birdhouse

    Invite feathered friends to your yard with this little handmade home. The triangular A-frame shape is easily crafted with lightweight wood and assembly only requires a few basic tools.

  • winter bird basket
    Hanging Basket with Winter Birds

    Creating this charming perch is as elementary as gathering branches in your own backyard.

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