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Enjoy the great outdoors with a comfortable and luxurious outdoor living space. We'll show you how to enhance your outdoor space with décor, a decorative gazebo, maybe a swing set, or a cozy fire pit. Decide on a color palette and we’ll help with ideas on greenery and textures to sprinkle around your space.

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18 Patio Decór Ideas to Maximize Your Small Outdoor Space
Make the most of your small patio by transforming it into a comforting oasis. Despite its size, there are a number of ways to refresh your space with the help of both subtle and eye-catching décor elements.  Come up with natural ways to give your patio a more complete look. Not only does planting trees and shrubs add intrigue to your space, but it's also an easy way to shade your patio from the sun and make the area feel more private.  Looking for a project that doesn't require a green thumb? Quickly elevate the ambience of your patio by hanging up string lights or lining your space with pathway lights. Another simple way to enhance your space is by looking to the ground for inspiration. Change up the area by painting the floor, or simply introduce a colorful weather-resistant rug to add warmth. From small design fixes to versatile outdoor furniture solutions, it doesn't take much to make your small patio space look instantly more inviting.
The Most Creative Backyard Decorating Ideas for Any Space
A backyard is a place where memories are made, and a yard of any size holds ample potential. Armed with a sense of imagination and the right tools, you can design—or choose—backyard décor that feels welcoming and relaxing. The best backyards are multi-functional, incorporating aspects of formal outdoor gardens and dining spaces into one. Add green details wherever they can fit—whether in garden planters, garden beds, or alongside concrete walkways. Hanging plants and window boxes are other space-saving ways to add more life to your backyard, and they free up the ground for furniture and dining sets.  And don't feel like you're limited to wicker or canvas furniture, either: Some of the best pieces can come from indoors with a few DIY finishing touches. Here, we gather some of our favorite backyard decorating ideas (with pictures!) to help you realize the possibility of your outdoor space all year round.
The Best Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Every Month of the Year
Get inspired to make your porch your new favorite living space with these ideas designed to add a refined look to any outdoor space.
Our Comprehensive Seasonal Guide to Yard Cleanup
Follow our expert-approved tips to tend to your lawn and garden throughout the year.

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