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We're sharing everything from our favorite pet supplies to advice on pet grooming to basic dog training tips, even DIY home remedies for pet health. You'll also our how to travel with a pet tips helpful as well. New pet owners will especially benefit from our tips on how to search for a breeder, deal with allergies, and assimilate the new pet into the family.

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  • glass jars with images of animal x-rays
    Animal X-Ray Jars

    Some superheroes have X-ray vision. You're more of an X-ray visionary, creating ominous ambience in minutes flat. Who else would have thought to slip anatomy cards into apothecary jars, then drop in a flameless candle to illuminate the malevolent collection? (Well, we did—but great minds think alike, don't they?)

  • toy poodle in red and white sweater
    15 Dogs Who Are Ready for Sweater Weather

    The snuggle is real.

  • window ledge cat bed
    Cat Window Perch

    Your feline knows that her ancestors were worshipped as goddesses in ancient Egypt. No wonder she gives you the side-eye when you expect her to curl up just anywhere, like some run-of-the-mill mammal. Build your domestic deity a place in the sun with a window seat that lets her scale new heights, settle in, and dream of the good old days.

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