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We're sharing everything from our favorite pet supplies to advice on pet grooming to basic dog training tips, even DIY home remedies for pet health. You'll also our how to travel with a pet tips helpful as well. New pet owners will especially benefit from our tips on how to search for a breeder, deal with allergies, and assimilate the new pet into the family.

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  • martha holding chicken outside coup
    Martha's Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens at Home

    Martha keeps more than 200 chickens at her Bedford farm, including Cream Legbars, famous for their pretty pale-blue eggs; and Cuckoo Marans, which lay dark chocolate–colored ones. She invites us into their coops and shares advice—gleaned from five decades of experience—on raising a happy, healthy, and productive flock.

  • Dog Sitting on Couch
    The Best Calming Aids for Dogs and Cats

    From wearable collars to edible treats, interactive toys and air diffusers, these products will keep your pet cool and calm in any stressful situation.

  • lost dog
    What to Do If Your Pet Is Lost

    Plus, the reason why 90 percent of animals run away from home.

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