Baby Shower Ideas

We have a ton of baby shower ideas, including how to plan a baby shower, decorations, and baby shower food ideas, to DIY baby shower invitation, eye-catching garlands, and even themed food: “Goldilox” Tea Sandwiches and Humpty Dumpty Custard Cups. We also have ideas for kid-friendly baby showers where soon-to-be big sisters and brothers get to celebrate the little one's arrival, too!

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Our Best Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

The mom-to-be will love everything you've planned for her special day including games, menus, decorations, and memorable gifts.

Brunch-Themed Baby Shower Recipes

For the mom-to-be who thinks brunch is a way of life, celebrate new life with a brunch-themed baby shower full of delectable dishes. These are the best recipes to make for the party.

The Best Games to Play During a Baby Shower

Celebrate the mother-to-be by keeping her baby shower fun and filled with plenty of activities. There's a fun idea to complement her baby shower—no matter your chosen theme.

Graphic Mobile Party Decoration

This DIY idea serves a dual purpose: Hang it for a modern display during the baby shower, then gift it to the expectant parents-to-be for their baby's nursery.

The Most Symbolic Flowers for a Baby Shower

From traditional white roses to peonies and more, experts explain their hidden meanings.

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How to Make Paper Flowers in 12 Beautiful Ways

You give flowers and bouquets to show the depth of your love, but then they wither within a week's time. With these fun and colorful projects, the blossoms—and your sweet gesture—could last a lifetime.

How to Craft the Perfect Signature Mocktail for Your Baby Shower

From the best nonalcoholic substitutes to recipe recommendations and more, mixologists share their advice.