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We have hundreds of DIY projects and craft ideas to inspire you, plus all of the crafting tools and techniques to help you get started. First, pick a project! Whether it’s paper crafts, fabric dyeing, sewing, or painting, we can introduce you to a variety of techniques.

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Dara Firoozi's Sensory Jewelry Is Designed for Anxiety and Stress Relief

The founder of Adarabella Designs, who used her experience with PTSD as inspiration, launched a line of necklaces, rings, and more as therapeutic aids.

Our Favorite Ways to Upcycle Empty Candle Jars

Transform these used containers into other home essentials, such as storage jars, vases, soap dispensers, and more.  

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Little ones of all ages can safely wave festive pinwheels, pom-poms, and bubble wands.