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We have hundreds of DIY projects and craft ideas to inspire you, plus all of the crafting tools and techniques to help you get started. First, pick a project! Whether it’s paper crafts, fabric dyeing, sewing, or painting, we can introduce you to a variety of techniques. 

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  • dried pressed flower soap bars
    Pressed Floral Bar Soap

    Spring is in full bloom—and so are these lovely handmade soaps. Pick your favorite flower—crushed rose petals, lavender buds, or bluebonnets—and try our easy melt-and-pour technique.

  • painted wooden eggs
    Dyed Wooden Easter Eggs

    Spring has indeed, sprung! Celebrate Easter—and the end of a long winter—with easy, exuberant ideas that are sure to delight your rabbits both big and small.

  • pastel rainbow Easter egg centerpiece
    Pastel Rainbow Easter Egg Centerpiece

    No need to host a hunt — these eggs are fully on colorful display. Use paint to transform an assortment of decorative eggs to create a colorful pastel rainbow centerpiece for Easter dinner.

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